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Company History

Safeway Electrical Contractors, Inc was started by Mark Telfer in the mid 1980’s and enjoyed success and growth up until the early 1990’s when a recession ensued. Mark was able to strategically navigate through the rough economic times until the latter part of the 1990’s when the economy rebounded. At this time, Matt Harding was hired as a field foreman where he quickly advanced into the position of Project Manager and then Vice President. Safeway Electrical Contractors enjoyed success with Mark Telfer and Matt Harding teaming up to grow the company into prosperity.

In 2007, Mark Telfer decided to sell the assets of the company to Matt Harding. The result of this transaction was a new entity “Cascade Electrical Contracting Corp; dba-Safeway Electric”. The transition of ownership was seamless because Matt had been helping Mark run the company for nearly 10 years. The transaction did not take place in the most ideal of times due to one of the worst recessions in our history, however Safeway Electric was able to endure using the principles that Matt and Mark had always applied giving competitive prices, and superior customer service.

Safeway Electric is now on the precipice of moving forward into the next phase of our evolution. In the past couple of years, we have the added new services “Solar” and “Data” and will be pursuing more energy conservation services in the area of retrofits. 

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